Our Programs & Services

 Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.

- Fred Rodgers

  • Training Coaching & Mentoring

    A highly qualified Early Childcare Professional will mentor, coach and train childcare providers and care givers on techniques that will nurture the development of children in Madison County by promoting the importance of interaction, literacy and play.

  • Smart Rewards

    We encourage local child care providers to increase their education levels by enrolling in college courses in the field of early childhood education. Smart Rewards’ services include technical support and supplements (stipends) for the successful completion of coursework and/or the achievement of academic milestones (degrees or certifications) in early childhood education.

  • Supporting Family Choices: Kith & Kin Care

    We work with the Health Department to conduct group ‘play days’ for young children and their caregivers (parents, relatives, neighbors) throughout the county, and to make home visits to children by request. The activities include learning-based play groups and developmentally-geared activities for children, and information for their caregivers.


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  • Child Care Resources & Referral

    Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R)services are designed to improve the quality of child care in Madison County, as well as to make child care more accessible and available to families. The activities include: local training, technical assistance and professional development counseling for child care providers; child care information, referrals and education for parents; and recruitment and support for potential child care providers.

  • Early Literacy

    The partnership supports early literacy programs through partnerships and local medical centers to create a standard part of pediatric care and wellness.  Health care providers use well-child visits to advise parents about the importance of reading to young children to prepare them for success in school.  This effort works to build every child’s home library and enhancing language development and promote a stronger and more nurturing home environment.


  • Child Care Subsidy

    We work with the Madison County Department of Social Services to provide subsidies on behalf of children who are enrolled in 4 and 5 star child care programs. Financial assistance is offered for eligible families who are working or are in school.

  • Program Coordination

    The Program Coordinator oversees all programs and projects of the Partnership, providing program planning, technical support, and service monitoring. The Program Coordinator evaluates community needs and analyzes program results to promote the achievement of the Partnership’s mission and goals.


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